Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food Storage Starter Kit from LDS distribution services

This family home storage starter kit may be used to teach family home storage principles and help individuals get started with longer-term food storage. The kit includes materials that teach the importance of a three-month food supply, water storage, and savings and 6 cans of longer-term food supply items.

The kit contains:

  • All is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage pamphlet
  • All is Safely Gathered In: Family Finances pamphlet
  • All is Safely Gathered In: Basic Recipes pamphlet
  • Financial reserve and drinking water teaching aids
  • Two #10 cans of hard red winter wheat
  • Two #10 cans of white rice
  • One #10 can of pinto beans
  • One #10 can of rolled oats

Available for shipping to United States addresses only.

Available from Church home storage centers in the Spring of 2008 with a savings in shipping and handling.


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